August 27, 2017

Vynil Skirt and oversized t-shirt

I wanna talk a little bit about this whole vinyl trend that has been happening. I fell in love from the first moment, but it took me a while to integrate it into my wardrobe. And by saying integrate , I do not mean just buy it , i mean to actually be wearing it. I bought this skirt months ago, but after I wore it once in LA , I was done with it. Everything was sweating, I was uncomfortable and the skirt was jumping up all the time. I got really disappointed, not with the skirt, but with myself – how can someone wear that material in the LA weather. Is fashion really worth that sacrifice?

I say NO. So I had put the skirt on hold, and now that I am upstate NY and the weather is cooling down, I love wearing it ! It’s stylish , looks amazing, and feels good too – no sweating!

So I am looking into getting some new vinyl items too, maybe, will see. But here are some of  my favorites from Asos:

Photos by Ligeia Peterson

Location: Troy, NY

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